Machine learning spots 8 potential technosignatures

Feb 1, 2023
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These are "unconfirmed", "possible" technosignatures. They did not repeat. No one is interested in devoting limited JWST observing time to them. Too premature.
I understand the need for the signature to "repeat" but is that a valid measure? Our television broadcasts travel through space as do other emissions. Would an intelligence from a distant galaxy conducting searches, studies as we are here see those emissions from our solar system as "repeating"? I think if we're really serious in discovery of intelligent life out there we should limit ourself to strict definitions.
It is absolutely required that an independent group repeat the original discovery in order for JWST people to get interested. There are too many reasons for a single observation to be bogus. "One time radio signals of interest", buried in hundreds of Terabytes of ancient data, are too numerous to count. Find one that won't go away and people will pay attention.
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