Massive stars could 'steal' gas giants from their planetary systems

Ref - Making BEASTies: dynamical formation of planetary systems around massive stars,, 07-Sep-2022.

"ABSTRACT Exoplanets display incredible diversity, from planetary system architectures around Sun-like stars that are very different from our Solar system, to planets orbiting post-main-sequence stars or stellar remnants..."

My observation. Wikipedia reports Sco Cen OB association about 130 pc or 420 LY distance,–Centaurus_association, the two exoplanets mentioned in the report I did not see identified. At the site I found 22 large exoplanets using semi-major axis between 290 au and 600 au. Using the NASA exoplanet archive site and same selection criteria, I found 8 listed. At the site, 92 show up with distances 40-9900 AU from the parent star. At the NASA exoplanet archive site, 46 show up 42 to 7506 AU distances. There is a variety of large exoplanets confirmed now found at distances beyond Pluto's location in our solar system.