Stargazing Matter and Anti-Matter

Mar 1, 2020
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Matter & Anti-Matter
There is Space, Time, Matter and Anti Matter out there up in the sky. Everything is living in Time. Scientists said that the Universe is a created by a big explosion called “Big Bang”, from where the things like Gas, Dust, Stars, Planets and billions of Galaxies are formed. We call this stuff as a “Matter”. Similarly the other material is also formed which is called as “Antimatter”. If we dig an Earth, there is a heap of soil on one hand and on the other hand there is a valley. Here the heap of soil is Matter and the Valley is Antimatter.

How all these things are living in Time? Imagine a sky without stars and galaxies or matter. We have nothing to calculate. If there is no matter there is no antimatter and if there is no space there is no time. Today we can say the Sun is “X” kilometers far from Earth, Andromeda galaxy is “Y” light years from us, because we can see the matter and can calculate the distances between the objects. To cover the distance we required time, we required speed, but how much speed? Even the light particle yet not has crossed the boundary of the space (If it has). The speed of light is 300,000 Km /sec. imagine the size of space; still it is living in time, because it has an age.
Suppose you are sitting in a train and it takes 5 hours to reach at your desired destination. Now it is 1 pm., so it will reach on 6 pm at your desired destination. You enter in a train at 12.45 pm and expecting it to start sharp at 1 pm. The train stopped on the platform from 12.45 pm to 1 pm and not moving in this period of time still living in time, therefore the loco pilot comes to know that it is 1 pm now and I have to start the train. The train is started sharp on 1 pm and started moving towards your desired destination. Now the train is living in two dimensions of time, one is Earth time and another is travel time. Earth time never stops and changes but the travel time can stop and change in case of engine failure or speed of train is reduced / increased. This is what the great scientist Sir Elbert Einstein had explained in his “Theory of Relativity”.

Same is happening with us (We are Combination of Matter and Antimatter). Why I have written combination of Matter and Antimatter for word “US”? The soil, stone and water on Earth are not growing like us. We take birth and grow with the time, similarly animals and trees are also “US”. For living organisms I say it is “Living Matter” and for non-living, I say it is “Dead Matter”. Yet we have not found in the universe, any evidence of other living organism other than Earth.
We can see matter same way we can feel antimatter, so we have ability to see and feel. According to me the combination of matter and antimatter is living organism. Have you ever think what we eat? We eat only other living organism (Living Matter), we eat meat, and we eat wheat bread, milk given by cow and vegetables. All this is living matter or living organism. We are not eating stone, dust (Dead Matter). But few dead matter we drink and in heal and it is “Water” and “Gas”. This is a mystery. We cannot live without this dead matter (Water and Gas). Water and Gas is not taking birth like us and even not growing like us.
If the things are not happening as per our plan, we say that my time is running bad. Time does not have Good or Bad side. It is neutral, continuous and consistent. It is started billions of years back but it is acknowledged just before thousands of year before. We acknowledged it, we, the living organisms (Living Matter). If you did some extraordinary work and there is no one to appreciate it, in that case you may have doughty about your abilities or think to put some more efforts. After improving your abilities and efforts if you did the same work again and received same result and same response like previous. Then you have to create calibrated audience which can appreciate and respect your extraordinary work. The calibrated audience that Time has created is living organisms. This has sense to acknowledge and respect the architecture of Time. We have seen up to 12 billion light years deep in to the universe, with the help of latest technology, till we have not found evidence of any other living organisms than us. What is a plan? We are only in this universe, of which boundaries yet the particle of light has not crossed.
Anti-Matter is holding the Matter and taking care of Uniform motions of Galaxies, Solar Systems, Earth around herself and the Sun and not taking any favor (acting no force on Matter) against its job. As we know the thing which stops light and reflect it, we can see it. This is Matter. Similarly the things which cannot stop light, obviously it cannot reflect it and we cannot see it. This is Anti Matter.

According to me the Anti-Matter is a material of “Uniform Density”. Uniform Density is a revolutionary thinking, but it has existence. To explain it, imagine a tank full of water and we throw a tennis ball into it. Because of weight of ball and throwing force applied, the ball will travel some distance in water. As the ball goes deep into the water, the water pressure starts acting against the weight of the ball and applied force on the ball. It starts reducing its speed and at one point the ball will stop its downward motion and starts to travel in upward direction. This happens because the surface density of water is less than the density of water at the bottom of the tank. The density of water increases while moving towards the bottom of the tank and creates upward force. Here there is a pause for fractions of second, where the ball stops its downward motion and starts its upward motion. It was at weightless position at this point, which means no external forces are acting on a ball and still it is floating in the medium. As no forces acting on a ball, there is no weight for a ball. We feel our weight because of gravitational pull of Earth. This forceless floating of a ball is possible only if the medium have “Uniform Density”, means its surface density is equal to its bottom density.

If we consider water as a “Uniform Density” material and throw a ball into it. What will be the result? The ball will start travelling with a certain speed proportionate to its weight and applied force and never stop, as no external force is acting on it to reduce its motion to zero. If we throw a ball with spinning motion, it will move in the water with uniform spinning speed and travailing speed. This is happening with our mother Earth. The objects moving in the “Uniform Density” material can create its own force with the spinning motion and we called it as “Gravity”. This is happened with all the stuff (Matter) in the universe.

The Anti-Matter is “Uniform Density” material, it does not stop light, it does not apply any force on Matter, and it is just holding the Matter. The proof of Anti Matter is holding the Matter is, all the Galaxies in the universe are revolving around some center (May be Black Holes) with tremendous speed, obviously the motion is circular motion. If there is circular motion the centrifugal force will act on the circumference of the circle. By the action of the centrifugal force the outer stuff revolving around the galactic center must has to release from the gravitational pull of the Galaxy and throw in the universe. But this is not happening, this is because , the Anti-Matter is neutralizing the magnitude of centrifugal force, therefore each and every particle in the galaxy is following the order of gravitational pull of the galaxy. When we feel the presence of centrifugal force? We feel the presence of centrifugal force, if the particle of the medium in which it is created repulses the magnitude of the centrifugal force. Exactly this is not happening, the particle of Anti Matter is not repulsing the magnitude of centrifugal force, so the magnitude is get neutralized and the outer stuff of the galaxy is again come under the influence of gravitational pull of the galaxy and revolve around the galactic center. The forces created by the Matter can act only on the Matter, Earth is revolving around Sun, Moon is revolving around the Earth, and even Galaxies are also revolving around some Universal center.

The Anti- Matter can shrink and expand also. If it shrinks, our “Milkyway” galaxy may collide on our neighbor galaxy “Andromeda”. If it expands, we will never see the usual constellations and have different night sky with different mathematics, may all the matter will escape from the inter-bonding forces and remain lifeless. The process of “Shrinking and Expansion” of the Anti-Matter is happening continuously. This is “Breathing”. We are also “Breathing”, if we start only to in heal oxygen our heart will stop its functioning, similar is with only heal out the carbon dioxide. So the “Breathing” is a key of liveliness of Universe and all living organisms in the universe.
Matter cannot survive without motion/ speed. Both “Matter” and “Anti-Matter” doesn’t acknowledge the capabilities and powers of each other, therefore we are created to acknowledge the powers and capabilities of the both, but unfortunately failed to acknowledge the capabilities and powers of our own “Life”.