Meteor sighting over Prague, CZ

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Time: Tue 24 Aug 2010 21:17 CEST (19:17 UTC)
Location: Kladno, near Prague, Czech Rep.
Direction: midpoint of the trajectory was west, roughly 45° high
Heading: roughly 15°
Magnitude: about as bright as or brighter than the ISS
Speed: crossed the whole sky in 2-3 seconds, disintegrated into multiple pieces when about 30° above horizon and then faded out

Do you guys have any information on this one? :)


Nothing yet reported out in meteorland. That's borderline brightness to be considered a fireball which would create much's more at the high end of brightest typical meteors seen over a few nights.

It's also a bit erarly for nush reports to show up.

There are dozens of meteor video cameras in Europe, including at least 4 that monitor that general piece of sky, so it probably was caught, but at that brightness, might not make a special comment seem necessary.

I'll keep an eye out for any reports!

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