Miniaturization! Materials Sciences! Propulsion System!

Feb 16, 2020
Miniaturization of rocket-ship components, and new research in Materials Sciences, boosted by a new more efficient, Gravitational Electromagnetic Propulsion System, would allow: (1) Lighter but sturdier and stronger structure spacecrafts due to new petro-lab-derived "combinant" Materials; (2) More massive, greater Payload, because more cargo space is available on the spacecraft; (3) Developing a Gravitational Electromagnetic Propulsion System would guarantee faster velocities, greater speeds, and more costs-effective, fuel-efficiency for repeated journeys to and from Space. How do Planets revolve around the Sun and rotate upon their own axes? What's their "engine?" Where are the "tethers!" And yet, revolution and rotation continues ad infinitum! Think about it! That should be the next new frontier of scientific research in Space propulsion systems. God bless America!*