Mystery of Grand Canyon's missing rocks may finally be solved


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
' "If you scale down the canyon's rock faces, you can jump back almost 2 billion years into the planet's past. But that textbook is also missing pages: In some areas, more than 1 billion years' worth of rocks have disappeared from the Grand Canyon without a trace."

In a new study, researchers led by Peak identify a likely cause for the missing rocks: the breakup of Earth's ancient supercontinent Rodinia approximately 700 million years ago. The upheaval was so violent it likely washed rocks and sediment into the ocean — one billion year's worth, in the case of the Grand Canyon. '

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That is some answer here that explains the mystery. I note this in the report. "The Great Unconformity was first described by John Wesley Powell during a boat expedition in 1869 along the Colorado River, which carved Arizona's Grand Canyon. It was one of the first well-documented puzzling geologic features in North America, according to researchers. Peak and her team completed an expedition like Powell's in spring 2021 and were greeted with the same stark boundary between Grand Canyon rock layers, which could be seen from the river. At particular sites along the canyon, 1.4 to 1.8-billion-year-old rocks are found lying beneath much younger 520-million-year-old rocks, according to the researchers."

The answer(s) provided appeal to non-repeatable events in science. I could ask where are the proto-earth rocks that existed before Theia hit the proto-earth and created the Moon? Where is a rock from Theia I can hold today? What ever answers here as to missing rocks not found today, will be non-repeatable events in science.
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