NASA authorization bill advances in House. Proposed limits on commercial partners spur concern

Jan 16, 2020
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The Fed is going to mess NASA up so much that Elon and SpaceX will have a full colony on Mars before SLS ever gets off the ground.

NASA: *Makes progress*
Feds: No! You're doing it wrong! Change it!
NASA: *Sadly hits reset button*
Feds: Why can't you get anything done!!

Yup. I've noticed this counterproductive back-and-forth with NASA from the last three administrations. Politics ruins everything yet again.
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Feb 4, 2020
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yes the fed has been very counterproductive they let Politics get in the way of what is good for the country and the world! at least we are getting some new blood in the space program . with spaceX and blue origin and the other new companies . if it was up to boeing and the older companies it would be another 25 years to get a rocket off the ground!!!!!! thats why they got more money for their c.c. capsule. they make more money that way . boeing should be penalized for every day they go over