NASA awards $500,000 to develop moon-mining tech


"There never was a good war, or a bad peace."
"NASA is doling out a big chunk of change to help make moon mining a reality."

That really seems a worthwhile initiative. But, I do hope, when it comes, that it will not create one ugly mess when seen from here (or there).

Cat :)
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Personal opinion: The mining of our Moon concept is being used as a test bed for developing technology to use on other off Earth worlds. I think that the actual mining on/of our Moon is a huge risk which could produce unanticipated and untoward results on Earth. The bright spot in the article is the "chump change" amount awarded. To me it seems like make work for scientists and engineers with the chance that something useful may be developed, (or give rise to Scifi movie rights with the requisite bodacious female astronauts).
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