NASA Eyes a New Moon Rover for Astronauts and Robot Lunar Explorers

"Cremins said he would like the rover ready to operate "when the first crews arrive" (which NASA hopes will be in 2024) and allow for astronauts to operate it remotely from as far away as the planned Gateway station in lunar orbit. This rover would be used "to conduct operations and to add to the science objectives," he said."

Okay, I enjoy using my telescopes. Perhaps by 2025, some will claim they can see the rovers on the Moon and astronauts too, like some claim today to see the Flag on the Moon. Do not be surprise when this happens :)
Nov 22, 2019
Very interesting space activity getting away from just Earth orbit. I hope it goes ahead without been stopped by a new political administration in the USA. Since a lot of cost is from private companies it might have a decent chance. It would be interesting to see a close up, either from an astronaut or a rover of the remains of former Apollo missions.