NASA hails success of SpaceX's 1st astronaut mission: 'This is just the beginning'

May 13, 2020
When you see astronauts coming back from the ISS they are usually physically helpless lambs that have to be assisted till they acclimate back to a gravity environment. When astronauts spend seven months trekking through inner-solar space, who will be there to assist them in this process? I know that Mars has less gravity than Earth, but it does have gravity, and the astronauts just spent 7 months is non-gravity space. Will they crawl around till they adjust to the Martian environment, or will you send in robots to act as nurse maids? There is a lot of idyllic visions of the human journey to our solar neighbors, it is hard to separate truth from hopeful fiction. It seems that there are a lot of supportive data accumulated that a computer simulation should be in order. How would events unfold in a human, not cargo, journey to the Red Planet be? How would the human body respond to being in deep space between Earth and Mars for seven months? There are a lot of questions that needs to be asked before we end up saying; I'm sorry.


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