NASA ponders SpaceX astronaut rescue as backup after Soyuz leak: report

Dec 2, 2022
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This does raise some worrying questions about what contingencies are in place in the horrifying event that the station had to be evacuated within 48 hours, especially when most of the major political powers with the ability to get to space are stuck in political and physical wars. I'm assuming there's ways for those on board to hunker down in sections, but probably for only so long before they run out of power, air and water, and then what? I don't think we should panic about the current situation, but it really does raise some dire warnings and possibly eerie foreshadowing....
Feb 16, 2020
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Bloated, pork driven Federal Agency NASA cynically pushed nationalistic ‘Space Station Freedom’ until it became easier to get congressional funding for ‘International Space Station’… leveraging the ‘don’t let our partners down’ manipulation. ISS has been astronomically expensive with basically zero space science, exploration or engineering gains.. Another dead end self-serving NASA boondoggle. #defundIss #defundNasa

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