NASA's daring Artemis 1 'Red Crew' saved the day for the launch to the moon. Here's how.

Since the hydrogen leak was coming from "packing nuts" that were "visibly loose", I have to wonder how that could happen. Sure, we all know that any material is going to physically contract when cooled to the extremely low temperatures of liquid hydrogen, and that hydrogen molecules are tiny enough to leak through otherwise tight seals. But, we have been fueling hydrogen/oxygen rocket propulsion systems for decades, now. I would think that somebody whole have either developed a passive seal system that works for liquid hydrogen or an active system to tighten packing nuts remotely, as needed, if no passive system could be devised.

So, was this leak due to faulty workmanship workpersonship, like improperly torqueing those packing nuts, or is it a real design fault? Since "red teams" doing this seem out-of-the-norm, I have a problem when hearing that this is "expected".

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