NASA's Parker Solar Probe flies by the sun in 5th close encounter

The article says "This weekend's fifth perihelion is also the prelude to another intriguing event. On July 10 (July 11 GMT), the Parker Solar Probe will conduct a flyby of Venus. The maneuver is one in a series that is vital to speed the spacecraft up enough to continue creeping toward the sun, giving the probe ever-closer views of the star during perihelion passes. "

Actually as the spacecraft flies by Venus each time it DECREASES the speed of the spacecraft relative to the Sun so that the spacecraft orbit takes it closer to the Sun. The velocity of the spacecraft at perihelion (closest point of approach to the Sun) does however get bigger as the perihelion gets closer to the Sun. Simple orbital mechanics. ;)

Edit: I see the article has now been edited to correct this, thanks. :)
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