NASA's Parker Solar Probe starts sun observation marathon

From a link in the article, "The probe also set a speed record during its first solar encounter, which technically ran from Oct. 31 through Monday. At closest approach, the spacecraft topped out at 213,200 mph (343,112 km/h) relative to the sun, NASA officials said."

That probe was moving along at 95 km/s :) The Earth orbits near 30 km/s and Mercury close to 48 km/s. Various meteor shower velocities 30 to 60 km/s or so, Leonids about 70 km/s.
Jul 21, 2020
According to legend, there is a planet closer to the sun than Mercury. That is planet Vulcan. (No, not Mr Spock's planet, another one.) The Parker Solar Probe could search for it.
There was once an Astronomer who claimed to have seen it with a solar telescope. Then, when looking for it again, couldn't find it. Maybe it broke up, due to the sun's gravity, in the meantime.