NASA's tiny CAPSTONE moon probe has finally stopped tumbling in space

Oct 29, 2022
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It always amazes me what the engineers can do from a desk chair on earth to regain control or communication on a spacecraft thousands of kilometres outside our atmosphere. Fascinating that they have found a way to stop it spinning.
I’m just a casual observer to the intricacies of orbital mechanics but it seems a funny idea that this satellite to test a new orbit, a “precise balance point in the gravities of Earth and the Moon” will be measured by a satellite that seems to be only now just under control. I’d imagine an object in an uncontrollable spin and at risk of losing control again, would be the opposite of precision. But I hope the boffins can smooth it out and get the data they need, perhaps why NASA is hedging its success.
I feel like as we watch all these lead up missions for the greater Artemis Project, we are getting a high-definition experience of what happened in the 60’s with the original moon landings. HD not just because of the video quality but for the detail and frequency of reporting on developments along the way. It’s exciting to see and I look forward to following along.
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