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Nov 14, 2022
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Well here it goes.

I was looking for a place (forum) to share something I observed quite some time ago. I chose this site instead of a "UFO" forum because I thought I'd get more serious professional feedback (No insult to UFO enthusiasts).

Around 2003 my wife and I were at a backyard get together at friends house in Santa Rosa Valley CA. We were sitting in small groups eating and making small talk. The weather was warm sunny with scattered clouds. I had my sunglasses on as usual and was staring up at the clouds as they passed over the sun. For a period of approximately 20 - 30 seconds the clouds blocked out just the right amount of the sun so that I could see it's perfect sphere and out line. Immediately I noticed something quite odd. There was a black object just off center within the suns sphere. I had to double take and make sure I was seeing correctly. Yes, there's something there I confirmed. Not just a blotch or shimmer, but a distinct black rectangle with crisp edges.

I had time enough to start analyzing while staring at it... was this in the air passing over? Was it in orbit? The issue was it wasn't moving. It was in the same spot in the sphere the whole time until the clouds passed and I couldn't look directly at the sun. A few minutes passed and some more clouds passed over but not as perfect as the first bunch, but good enough for me to re-engage the black object which still hadn't moved. At this point my wife noticed my odd behavior and asked what I was looking at. I couldn't answer her till it was gone again when the clouds passed.

This I know... it wasn't an issue with my eyes or an imperfection in my glasses. It wasn't in the space between me and the upper atmosphere because of the complete lack of movement. I thought maybe something orbiting the planet? But that to would move too unless it was perfectly synchronized with my specific position and what object orbiting the earth looks like the monolith from 2010 A Space Odyssey. I had no explanation other than the object was between Earth and the Sun in which case would make it incredibly large.

I think back on it every so often but never looked into what it may have been until today, so I Googled "Black rectangle between the Earth and Sun" and a few articles popped up about a black cube which was interesting but...

I made a drawing but I don't know how to attach an image on here.

2003 was at a peak in the solar cycle, what you saw was likely sunspots.
That was my guess as well. The human eye has a resolution of about 1 arcminute, and the solar disk is about 30 arcminutes, thus what is somewhat rectangular could look like a rectangle.

If the exact date is known, there should be s site somewhere to find images of that solar disk. SOHO might be the best site since it began imaging in 1995. [SDO didn't go up until 2010.]

[Added: Here is a site that shows something similar to what you may have seen.]
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It's rare to actually see sunspots directly. I keep trying when fog or other clouds are just right, but no luck so far.

The earliest known findings of sunspots likely goes to the Chinese long ago when they recorded seeing them. Possibly the first scientific publication of sunspots came in early 1611 (David Fabricius), thanks to the improved optics for telescopes out of Holland (apparently). Thomas Harriot is credited with seeing them in Dec. of 1610. Galileo and Scheiner were soon to follow.
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