Newfound super-Earth has speedy orbit around red dwarf star

My observation. Mean density calculated using 3 earth masses and 1.4 earth radii size is about 6 g cm^-3. Some exoplanet stats can be seen for this planet at

The calculated temperature is 829 K, a very hot super-Earth. Water boils at 373 K. Red dwarf stars may not be the best location for habitable exoplanets. A new report on Proxima Centauri shows a super flare recorded recently. Humungous flare from sun's nearest neighbor breaks records,

My observation. Proxima Centauri has two exoplanets confirmed, b and c. Large flares on red dwarf stars and other stars can make defining an exoplanet habitable zone very difficult and lowers potential for abiogenesis working on exoplanets to create alien life - a common assumption in astrobiology studies.