No asteroid impacts needed: Newborn Earth made its own water, study suggests

Mar 7, 2023
I think that is more sensible/logical than it was transported here by whatever other means. The comets have shown to be not a dirty snowball so they got ruled out and asteroid's from what I read are not balls of ice and snow so include them out also. Lets give Earth some credit maybe things were made or originated here.
The more asteroids and comets are studied, the better idea of how much they did contribute to our water volume. The deuterium ratios are pointing to something like about 1/3 coming from the icy bodies beyond Mars.

The great impact (Theia) story that threw-off enough mass to make the Moon would have had quite an effect on our atmosphere. This wasn't mentioned, however.
Nov 16, 2020
It's a big assumption about all that hydrogen. Water in the stratosphere would photodissociate with the more intense solar UV and the hydrogen lost to space. That's what created oxygen and ozone to protect the evolution of life in the early Archean.
Apr 15, 2023
I think that the water was a byproduct of the ongoing nuclear reaction continuing in our core. This would explain many things about our planet, like how helium is still being produced and other elements and compounds still being formed.

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