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I had to hit "Post" because I thought you might be beating me to where I was going anyway. Not "void" but "Vacuum" energy. Makes that vacuum energies. String vibration(s) to quantum field fluctuation(s) (singularity(ies) to Planck level hot blue-white hole(s)), or something like that.

I woke up with this, I couldn't wait to really think it through, and I'm now going back to bed. I owe IG2007 thanks for driving thought whether he agrees or not with what came of the driving. And you're certainly on track yourself, too. Keep to it, meaning keep thinking it through.
Void space and vacuum space could be one in the same thing.
Just potential energy.
I like to use (Void space) to get thinking away from any property that might be the property of something else.
Thought about true nothing and it's properties.

Maybe everything we see is just simply a property of nothing taking up area.
One BB in an endless sea of BB's with a start point just because of Nothing having potential energy.

A good start point to everything some unimaginable time scale ago in a galaxy far far away :).
"Universe: The Definitive Visual Guide Ed. Martin Rees DK 2012
"The Universe is all of existence - all of space and time and all the matter and energy within it. . . . . . . . . . The Universe encompasses everything from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy cluster, and yet it seems that all are governed by the same basic laws."
All the physics laws could be set by the potential energy of nothing.
Same across the endless universe because the potential energy is the same across the universe.
Laws written by the properties of fluctuation.. Time. space, speed of light etc.
Fluctuation the potential energy of nothing and creator of energy/matter.

Nice to think the law is the law everywhere :)


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VPE, I must be honest and say that I really don't understand your response. That is my fault and I apologise. Does it mean that you do or don't agree with the Martin Rees quote?

Cat :)
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Aug 14, 2020
I long ago stopped swearing by, and worshipping, 1-dimensional tin gods when it comes to Universe.

"The multiverse is a hypothetical group of multiple universes. Together these universes comprise everything that exists: The entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. The different universes within the multiverse are called 'parallel universes', 'other universes, 'alternate universes', or 'many worlds'."

Even the altogether infinite Universe ('1') indicted by capitalization to be a big bag of all is itself a duality with its Mirror reverse image infinite ('-1') and thus more strictly a Multiverse, always mutually canceling to '0' (neither 'infinite' nor 'finite', and thus the horizon between these two opposed equals) and mirroring to an infinity of point infinitesimals (all 'infinite' would ever recognize to exist in mirroring itself to infinity)) / infinity of finite bubble universes (again the multiverse; also, as multiverse, multiverses ("fractal self-similarity(ies)")). So even the big boy Universe, the big bag holing of the crunch, the vacuum of the vortex, is always minimally two, and always infinitely monolithic inanimation in transformation to animation: Infinitely monolithic lifelessness in translation to life ("Nothing is outside the Universe (therefore, Everything is outside the Universe!" (['To turn'] outside in, inside out; the irresistible force of the immovable object)).

Again, I long ago stopped swearing by, and worshipping, 1-dimensional tin gods when it comes to Universe (when it comes to 'The Turning').

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