Other Moon Conspiracy Theories

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CalliArcale":19k3c4cn said:
I really really really wish that were true. Unfortunately, I don't believe it is, unless you've got some evidence to present that might convince me otherwise.
Well, amateur or semi-professional astronomers could take images of LCROSS in the vicinity of the moon, so if there's any unknown activity currently ongoing, it would not be a secret for a long now.

I'm sure the magicians are busy at work regarding the Moon, but it has to do with future exploitation of the resources or hiding some unknown past activity, which could also involve locating valuable resources.


Sonjiin":2yj4yngx said:
brandbll":2yj4yngx said:
From what my source has told me, the aliens were friendly, but they told us that we are far from being able to colonize space. This is the interesting part. The aliens were harvesting H3 like humans do in the spectacular new movie that none of the sci fi junkies here are tallking about called "Moon." So my source who was part of the Apollo program tells me he thinks the Aliens were using reverse pschology to trick us into never returning to the moon so they can harvest all of H3.

The dangerous part is that if the Aliens mine too much, it could destabilize the Moon. This could cause an eccentric orbit, and since we have discovered the Moon is much closer to Earth than we are led to believe, their mining operation could prove to be deadly dangerous for the human race. This is why we need to return to the Moon. Not to mine its valuable resources but to stop the aliens from possibly destroying life on Earth all because of their greed.
Yes, well it was many different races working amongst each other.

Does your source know which alien race it is by any chance? I wont begin to list all the races, but any more information about them would be helpful.
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