Paradox of visual and actual positions in space.

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Apr 3, 2020
The point is that, this should be so, according to the official model, but it is obvious that this is impossible.
According to the official model, sunlight travels to Earth for 8 minutes. In 8 minutes, the Sun moves across the sky by approximately the angular distance of two solar disks - this is the difference between the apparent and actual positions in the case of the Sun. In the case of Jupiter, the difference between the apparent and actual position is approximately 4 times greater. I did not consider the stars in order not to overcomplicate the explanation, because in the case of (for example) Sirius, it is difficult even to imagine the difference between its apparent and actual positions. Do you understand that this is proof of the fallacy of the official scale of the universe? Proof by contradiction - we have come to an obvious contradiction - proof of the failure of the official model, at least in terms of its scale.
Sorry, but if this continues to be your argument you'll not convince me (most others) of your model's validity. It just isn't realistic, no matter how hard you try to make it so.

Rehashing a previously ended discussion won't change the merits of the model. That being said, this topic is rapidly running its course.

Unless there is something new to discuss, there is not much point in continuing.
Mar 4, 2021
the New Universe Model will show dramatic differences in timing of observations like sunrise, sunset, transit times, etc. as well as planet occultation of stars, etc.
The wrong (exaggerated) scale does not affect the proportions of the model. Point. Thank you. The topic is closed.
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