Pics (nebula, Andromeda, Jup/Uranus conjunction

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Well, I thought I'd post a few taken in June. I have a Celestron CPC 1100 (11 inch dia, 2800 focal length). Also use a light pollution filter (which really really helps!) and a focal reducer, dropping my effective focal length to 1876, but widening my field of view and decreasing my exposure time.

Most of these are as shot. I do not have a polar mount, so there is some field rotation in longer exposures.

Trifid Nebula:

Hourglass Nebula:

Andromeda Galaxy (some editing done to bring out detail):

Section of the sky with the Swan constellation. camera piggy-backed on the scope for this, so no light pollution reduction:

This particular June night shooting (the 5th) was when Uranus and Jupiter conjuncted. I got them both in the field of view, and as a bonus (and I waited for it), Io was coming out from behind Jupiter. Obviously Jup had to be overexposed for this shot. Uranus is in the very top left side of the shot:
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