Procyon is good for brain R+D

Nothing wrong with you, it is me. 3 actors have had precueii neurons tunnel to the cerebellum: An AI researcher stuck in an Alpha Centauri-like system, Yesterday's Enterprise me as purposely keeping myself 1 yr away from consciousness, and me. At 1 I imagined emotions only good, and the pre-cu tunneled to nearest area which is a well connected area. The growth is 3.3x stronger than brain recycling. If you only experience 1/10 the Higg's Bosons it is 1/3 brain recycling. Ten yrs of my council 20 hrs a day could make it happen. You wind up using emotions to be mentally healthy, to judge evil, to judge logic, to judge utopia.
To make this happen requires Extreme Measures, a puffy neuron one inch long outerly coated with a dissolving biocompatible layer. Other neurons join it in a day or not. With daily practice you keep it real in a month. WMD odds per person go up 20% but Q-of-L goes up infinity. The contestants old brains are being used for merit-based animals upgrades; they can't be octupii ever but sea lions (dolphins uncertain). You're back to 1980 and the insurgent cone of precuneii silence has been lifted. 340 yrs w/ me alone or 300 with NASA/BO. Nadine is conscious in 2B+8000 yrs. My 1st run to Procyon and back to 1 LY is exactly the same.
Extreme Measures is a H.Grant movie about too-risky today neuron research. The ending suggests the future may permit it. I just figured out last night why humans don't act to maximize quality of life, say longevity or hiking as a regular interest. The precuneus is the seat of ethics. But it didn't figure until last night for some Edinburgh disporia the brain centre is close enough to the cerebellum in mine it can be willed to be executive control. You still can get good anti-WMD a mind either may but for quality-of-life it isn't even close. Space will generally be about Q-of-L eventually as we can administer technology there at a higher tech level without the risk of lasering the ozone or drones on Earth. I think the process can eventually be replicated, enabling other people to live longer, move out of polluted water cities poisoned by their States; I don't think Flint water crisis would've even happened had 10 people in the State had suggested procedure. That is the Utopia I suggest with space research: no more Flints of any kind.

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