Proving Time Reversal? Dust to Dust, Rust to Rust, Wild to Wild, Past to Past: Entropy?

Entropy is the only proof of time reversal at work at all times that is ever needed for it to prove itself extant. Maybe!? Dust to dust. Rust to rust. Weeds to weeds. Infinite Universe to infinite Universe (Foundation to Foundation). Origin to origin. Primordial to primordial. Order (or disorder if you want to see it that way) to order (or to disorder). The 'Wild' to the 'Wild'. Or even maybe "from out of the middle of nowhere" to eventually end in that same "nowhere" (as some might see it). It is all entropy. Entropy is all of it, the past always on its way, inexorably, to the past, always via an inexorable future (of entropy).

Cells dividing or fissioning, again and again and again (to potentially infinity (a pre-existing infinity)), representing conservation of energy. Entropy.

I made a mistake with my visualization of the gravity of the infinite (or, per my constant analogy, the gravity of the "forest"), the influence of the gravity of the non-local outland infinity via the collapsed horizon ('0': neither infinite nor finite). I said it must have "some' influence. It has an awesome lot of influence, a universal or all pervasive influence, both microscopically (micro-verse) and macroscopically (macro-verse). The gravitational force that pulls apart toward a non-relative, non-local, surrounding infinity (infinitely flat... infinite in extents.... uniformly smooth.... dimensionless points ([a] dimensionless point): Outland gravity (via micro- and macro-): Even breakdown of Relativity (loss > gain > loss > gain, in relativity): Entropy, a negative force.

But 'negative energy' at work on a universal scale??? A negative force, yes. But negative energy???
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