Ripples in space-time could explain the mystery of why the universe exists

A new study may help answer one of the universe's biggest mysteries.

Ripples in space-time could explain the mystery of why the universe exists : Read more

Interesting, one million years after the BB, perhaps the matter vs. anti-matter conflict can be solved. This conflict in the model takes place, one second after the BB event so if solved, that seems to leave a radiation filled universe for quite sometime after the BB, and the CMBR evolved about 380,000 years after the BB. Testable predictions made here though.
Something else strikes me about this new model to solve the matter vs. anti-matter conflict. In the BB model, the time period from Planck time after the BB until about 3 minutes after the BB, is the BBN or Big Bang nucleosynthesis phase and this impacts the production of H/He, and a little Li too, especially if matter emerges after 1 million years it seems in the model.
After reviewing this interesting report, here are some other sites reporting this in cosmology too.,

A source sent me this info. "The neutrinos envisaged here are called "sterile neutrinos", they are supposed to have large masses (exceeding 10^9 GeV), and they have never been observed (unlike the ones we are familiar with in beta-decay and related processes): see the APS commentary here:" I also note comments like this "“If sterile neutrinos behave as theorized, then lepton number is not conserved, and sterile neutrinos created in the early Universe could have decayed more readily into particles than antiparticles. One consequence of this, White and colleagues show, is the formation of structures called cosmic strings immediately before the period of cosmological inflation.”

Going back in time *before the period of cosmological inflation* to solve here in the BB evolutionary origin for the universe. Okay, the history of the universe from Planck time to 3 minutes after the BB is getting very interesting, and perhaps the cosmology department is now going back before the Planck time and BB event itself :)
Jan 31, 2020
Why the universe exists.....hmmm..
It seems to me that the need for souls to have a context to interact and develop relationships is the reason WHY the universe exists. Its sad when people can be so educated about natural science and mathematics but have such emaciated understanding of philosophy and metaphysics. I blame it on the established cultural norm of assuming that all that exists is the physical and that causation isn't always the rule followed, both of which are faith statements and probably false if science is worth anything, and it is.

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