Rogue black holes could be wandering at the edges of the Milky Way


Oct 22, 2019
Reference paper, Origins and demographics of wandering black holes,, Published: 26 March 2021, "ABSTRACT We characterize the population of wandering black holes, defined as those physically offset from their halo centres, in the ROMULUS cosmological simulations..."

My observation. The cosmology calculators show z=4.0, the age of the universe about 1.558 billion years old. Light time distance is 12.162 billion light years, and angular size of the universe about 4.78 billion light years, thus a diameter < 10 billion light years across compared to the present size said to be 93 billion light years in diameter. The comoving radial distance for some of these black holes >= 24 billion light years away so the objects are moving away much faster than c velocity now. SMBH of one million solar masses has a diameter about 3.95 x 10^-2 au. SMBH with one billion solar masses, diameter about 39.5 au. Things to consider when reading simulation reports like this., and
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