Russian anti-satellite missile test draws condemnation from space companies and countries

Aug 6, 2021
I would like to suggest that the United States, the European Union, and the like, turn this little gem I found on the Net a while ago, into a Uniting For Peace resolution:
Article 19:
  1. The hostile acts and threats of hostile acts include:
    1. the gratuitous production of space debris with the resulting forethought murderous threat to manned space objects, by testing anti-satellite and anti-missile weaponry in earth orbit, whether it be low earth orbit, mid earth orbit, or high earth orbit;
    2. the denial or delay of all possible assistance for reasons of state and not of physics, to any astronaut in peril of his life, in opposition to all humanitarian and moral law.

It's attached to a lot of verbiage defining ASATs and orbital ABMs as a crime against peace, but judging from all the statements the United States, the EU, Australia, Japan and assorted others have made, they're in full agreement. So whyever not do something about it instead of sitting on their hands and twiddling their thumbs ...