Satellite Images Show Australia's Devastating Wildfires from Space

Jan 9, 2020
Earth science is my field. God bless my 7th grade teacher. I will view satellite data with just a tad of skepticism given all the photo-doctoring happening on the web by agenda-driven people. No integrity in journalism these days. Even more so is the arrival at causation. Enough of the global warming nonsense. Australia has hot dry regions & hot humid regions. It has lots of scrub & some desert & of course a coastline in all directions. To assume that the fire was started by summer heat is incorrect application of the scientific method. The country is known to have lots of dryness. It does not possess the monsoon climate of say Bangladesh. It is being reported by several sources that there is a great deal of arson going on & this is a tool used by enviromental wacko extremists. Additionally some power lines have been brought down & once you have a spark or short circuit in a dry climate, fires are going to propagate. What I'm appalled at is the conclusion of some that this recent set of fires is due totally to the current temp of the earth or the fact that this country possesses or exports coal. That is bunk. When your electrical grid is burning coal, it releases co2. Co2 quenches fire, it does not propagate it.

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