Satellite Spots Iran Missile Attack Aftermath from Space


Jan 5, 2020
So the reason nobody was hurt was because everyone had left. Not because of super precision targeting (like in the dessert )missing everyone CNN. DOD could have sent an anti-missile ship offshore, if enough range to shoot down the missiles soon after launch. Or send fighter planes and use their a-a missiles to shoot down soon after launch. Maybe even cannon. That Gatling 20mm cannon was something else. In the Vietnam War an F-4 shot down 4 Migs on 1 flight. I was at Ubon, Thailand and they named the plane the Gunner I think. I do not remember working on it, but I may have. So even an old F-4 could have shot these missiles down. Either IR Sidewinder or radar Sparrow I think. I think it could carry 8 + 1 Gatling. Timing would be critical, but if they quit, just reset. If they had, these buildings would not have been damaged. The F-4 had ECM and chaff, so I think could have made it. Today DOD could have used a longer range radar missile.I think the Phoenix is 100mi!