Scientists need your help to confirm Jupiter-like exoplanets

Interesting telescope project :) Using the site, with masses 0.5 Mjup to 3 Mjup, I find 517 exoplanets with semi-major axis ranging 0.0044 AU out to 94 AU from the star. Selecting for masses 1.1 Mjup or larger I find 738 exoplanets, semi-major axis ranging 0.0026 AU out to 9900 AU and masses ranging 1.1 Mjup up to 135.3 Mjup.

When I use the NASA exoplanet archive site, 792 are found for masses ranging 0.5 Mjup to 3 Mjup and semi-major axis ranging 0.0044 AU out to 130 AU.

Quite a diversity currently available to study. Exoplanets with null values for mass in the sites used I ignored.

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