Scientists pinpoint age of 'molten ring' in stunning Hubble telescope image

"The galaxy this so-called "molten ring" curls around is called as GAL-CLUS-022058s and it is located in the Southern Hemisphere constellation of Fornax, the Furnace."

I did a bit more digging here. The Einstein ring GAL-CLUS-022058s: a Lensed Ultrabright Submillimeter Galaxy at z=1.4796,

The galaxy redshift is z=14796 and the lensing "The lensed source appears to be gravitationally magnified by a massive foreground galaxy cluster lens at z=0.36 ."

The SFR or star formation rate is said to be, "We have determined an intrinsic rest-frame infrared luminosity of LIR≈10^12L⊙ and a likely star formation rate of ∼70−170 M⊙ yr^−1 ."

Now that is something to chew on using the cosmology calculators and other reports of SFR in the Milky Way :)
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