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I was excited and had great hopes for the revival of Space dot Com forums. So far it has been rather disappointing, compared to the SDC Uplink forums with 500,000 members. There seems to be no active former member notification, and very little Moderator overview.
Perhaps using the former member information (which appears to be intact), SDC could reach out to former members and invite them to come on back. There were some great discussions with MeteorWayne, PizzaGuy, crazyeddie, blass, brandbll, jimglenn, grokme, docm, Antwerpo, ZenGalacticore, Boris_Badenov, billslugg, StarRider1701, dragon04, nimbus, adrenalynn, tanstaafl76, Swampcat, a_lost_packet, votefornimitz, frodo1008, cosmictraveler, R1, robotical, vladdrac, gamma_ray_burst, SPACEINVADOR, abq_farside, EarthlingX, orionrider, and all the other regulars at SDC Uplink.


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Oct 10, 2019
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We'd also love to be able to email all the old users, sadly due to the age of the list and GDPR concerns, this isn't a possibility, although we are always looking at ways to grow and nurture the community. :)