See Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in Thursday's dawn sky

Early risers this month have been treated to an unusual celestial "pas de trois," as the three brightest superior planets have been changing positions relative to each other in the dawn twilight.

See Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in Thursday's dawn sky : Read more

And do not forget about the closer conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Capricornus, early Tuesday morning on the 31-March next week (my location about 0600 EDT looks good). They will be < 1-degree angular separation. Viewable together in telescopes using low to medium power. I did enjoy viewing Mars and Jupiter near 0.7 degrees apart recently using my telescope (0600, 20-March). So far, weather for early Tuesday morning still looks good for my location. Perhaps on Monday night, I may look at the brightening comet passing in Ursa Major these nights, Perhaps I may enjoy an all nightery, out looking at the comet and staying until sunrise looking at Mars and Saturn :)
FYI, I did enjoy the trio this morning near 0600 EDT. Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn along the ecliptic. Sagittarius constellation and Scorpius quite visible along with many stars. I was out near a very large horse pasture in my area viewing the sky show. Unaided eye views.