See Mars and Saturn tango in the predawn sky Tuesday. Here's where to look.


Oct 22, 2019
FYI. I did view this celestial event Tuesday morning using my binoculars and telescope. Here are some notes I share from my stargazing log.

"Observed 0515 - 0615 EDT. Sunrise 0651/0652 EDT. Mostly cloudy skies with occasional breaks. I was able to view the close conjunction this morning of Mars and Saturn. I used 10x50 binoculars and the telescope. 25-mm plossl at 40x and 1.3-degree true field of view (FOV) provide an easy view of both. I could see Saturn with its rings, Titan moon, and the smaller, orange-red hue of Mars. Using the 14-mm at 71x, Mars was resolved as planet disk with Saturn, rings, and Titan visible. However, it was easier to fit both planets into the same FOV at 40x. I briefly observed Jupiter using 10-mm eyepiece at 100x. I could see the cloud belts and some of the Galilean moons. Cloud coverage this morning made observations difficult. Starry Night showed the encounter, Mars and Saturn separated by about 55 arcminute or just less than one degree apart."



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