See Mars with Jupiter and Saturn in the dawn sky in March


Oct 22, 2019
This is a good week to check out progress of the planet Mars as it continues toward an unusually close approach to the Earth in early fall.

See Mars with Jupiter and Saturn in the dawn sky in March : Read more
Yes, the planet sky show is in progress this month with Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn near the ecliptic. I was out this morning using my 10x50 binoculars and 90-mm refractor telescope viewing Mars and Jupiter before sunrise (0636/0637 EST). There was cirrus bands that caused some problems while viewing. Mars and M22 in Sagittarius were < 2-degrees apart. I tried to view both in the binocular field but the cirrus clouds did not cooperate 😊 Saturn was still below the trees by my horse barn when I viewed from my east pasture, 0515-0605 EST. 0551 EST, A very bright meteor, about mv -2.0, similar to Jupiter brightness, flashed by quickly moving south through Ophiuchus. I estimate moving >=30 km/s, so it zipped. I viewed Mars and Jupiter near 129x with the telescope. This month, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are putting on the sky show before sunrise near the ecliptic, all month long in SE and SSE sky. Mars passes near Jupiter on the 20th, and Saturn on the 31st. Mars size about 5.5 arcsecond but distinct, gibbous shape planet in the eyepiece view, no surface detail visible at 129x, just the orange-red hue color. Jupiter much larger angular size near 35 arcsecond, cloud bands visible and 3 Galilean moons. Jupiter a pale, white color. Temperature 2C with winds from the south about 5 knots. This month and April, the galaxies are on display during the night so I plan on using the 10-inch telescope for some galaxy viewing 😊