See Mercury shine brightly in the sky this Christmas

I did not view Mercury and Venus, but I did see the Christmas comet early today.

It was enjoyable view of the Christmas comet early this morning. I was out 0430-0530 EST. Able to view ZTF C/2022 E3 using my 90-mm refractor with TeleVue 32-mm plossl and TeleVue 14-mm Delos eyepieces, 31-71x views. Distinct stubby fan shape tail with coma. The star TYC2040-488-1 about 9 arcminute angular separation from the comet and 8.15 apparent magnitude. Starry Night shows the comet 8.59, Stellarium 1.1 shows 8.59 apparent magnitude. These estimates looked good for brightness of C/2022 E3 ZTF. I received a report on the comet from yesterday so I tracked it down in Corona Borealis using a Telrad (very easy to locate). A Christmas comet 🙂 Temperature -14C, winds 270/7 knots, clear skies. The wood burning stove is running and felt great when I came back inside. Fired up last night. Weather like this is for running with Big Foot and the wolf pack.
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