See the moon near Jupiter and Saturn in the predawn sky Tuesday

FYI. I was out in MD from 0515 until 0600 EDT. I used by 10x50 binoculars and could fit Jupiter, Ganymede and Europa moons visible into the FOV along with the waning gibbous Moon and those craters along the terminator line like Tycho fun view. Sky clear and temperature 5C for my location. It was a lovely sight along the ecliptic early. Mars and Iota Aquarii star about 31' angular separation. Jupiter and the Moon about 2-degrees apart or so. And yes, I looked for comet Swan C/2020 F8, low in east sky in Pisces. However at 0516 EDT, the skyline in east bright so a comet near 5th/6th magnitude not visible plus some clouds off in the distance above the horizon too. The comet was up near 10 degrees elevation or altitude. Glad to see some folks were out early and got a view here :)
FYI, sunrise for me near 0557 EDT this morning. At 0515, no problem seeing Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon. The Moon apparent magnitude -12.0, Jupiter -2.43. The Moon about 6733x brighter than Jupiter along the ecliptic :)
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