See the pumpkin orange Full Hunter's Moon of October 2022 rise tonight! Here's what to expect.

Well, that was a lovely sight last night viewing the Hunter's Moon rising :) I pulled out my trusty 90-mm refractor telescope and enjoyed some views and of Jupiter too.

Observed 2030-2130 EDT/0030 UT-0130 UT. Full Moon 09-Oct-2022 2055 UT or 1655 EDT. This was a lovely sight, Hunter's Moon tonight. At Jupiter, Io shadow transit underway from 0014 UT to 0228 UT according to the October issue of Sky & Telescope on page 51. This was easily visible using my 90-mm refractor telescope at 129x using #58 Green filter. Above the NEB there was distinct cloud shading visible and some below the SEB and banding. In the direct view, Ganymede was on the left and Europa and Callisto visible on the right side while the shadow of Io moved across the face of Jupiter. Viewing the Hunter’s Moon at 129x using #58 Green filter, I spent some time in the Mare Humboldtianum region and lunar limb. Edymion crater visible as well as Hayn crater area. Tycho crater very prominent in SW quadrant. See Virtual Moon Atlas. Weather clear, temperature 6C, light to calm wind. A great night for camping. Some owls were out hooting and deer barking or calling in the woods. Bucks in the woods are active now.
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