See Venus swing by the crescent moon this weekend

The "evening star" Venus will meet up with the waxing, crescent moon in the night sky this weekend. You can spot the celestial pair above the western horizon after sunset.

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Venus is putting on a show. Since the beginning of this year, I viewed Venus 10x using my telescopes through this month, 90-mm size and 10-inch ranging 31x to 200x views and using blue filter too. The planet is putting on the heliocentric solar system show in the eyepiece (angular size increasing, brightness level increasing, phase changes :) At times, some hint of cloud bands visible near the terminator and equator area using the filter.
Apr 30, 2020
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Venus is currently in a brilliantly bright apparition as we seen from earth so i really guess the venus is putting on a show with the moon venus will reach it's brightest and best of 2020 early in may before disappearing into dawn in the sky in june it'll become a brilliant “morning star” in half of 2020


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