Selling hsf to the public.

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just thinking a little about and it got me wondering, how can we market space flight to a generation of people that are still bitter from all the hype that was spread during the 1960's.

I mean we lack a sales angle to get people excited about space flight and it's not something that can be ignored. It's a fundamental problem, I think the time is now to start converting the non converted.

The best I have to offer is to get on the bang wagon of environmental consciousness, the green obsession, slash activism angle as alot of potential money to be had. I think we really need to get diplomatic, and prevent us as been seen as people who would rather ignore the planet.

The truth is life is fragile, we need to sell the angle that we must back up the biosphere, just look at how much disaster films are part of our culture people do understand our fragile place in time, even if it's on a crude level. We must start presented space flight, as a migration, a back a security blanket for life as we know it. If you can't relate Astrobiz to something with more substance to vacations for the rich it is sunk.
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