Sept 25th Ontario Fireball

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A very bright (~ mag -17; 100x brighter than full moon) fireball was seen about 9 PM EDT above Lake Ontario. It was recorded by several fireball cameras, infrasound measurements, and apparently the debris showed on Buffalo radar.

It seems likely that some pieces made it to the ground. ... &year=2009

FIREBALL UPDATE: Regarding the "Ontario fireball" described below, the meteor's terminal explosion was recorded by a Doppler radar in Buffalo, NY. Veteran meteorite-hunter Rob Matson located the data in NOAA archives and offers two streetmaps of possible fall-zones. "Based on the size of the radar returns (compared with past recovered falls that also appeared on Doppler radar), I think it quite likely that several kilos of meteorites could ultimately be recovered," he says.

""This bright fireball was large enough to have dropped meteorites in a region south of Grimsby on the Niagara Peninsula, providing masses that may total as much as several kilograms," according to a UWO press release."

Since this was observed by several fireball cameras it's also possible the pre-impact orbit could be determined.
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