SETI At Home

Oct 21, 2019
SETI At Home

Does anyone here run SETI At Home, or have they done so in the past.

Years ago I ran SETI At Home for several years. At first it was exciting to participate. After a while it was something to be part of. Later it became a “why bother” with this situation. In perhaps three years I encountered a few astonishing signals, but of course they were determined to be from an alien race known as Earthlings.
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Dec 11, 2019
Your better off going to Nevada and looking outside every night. Why look outside the Earth when they are already here? Go on YouTube and check out UFO's over Vegas to see what I mean.;)
Oct 22, 2019
I used to run SETI at Home until I found the odd signal. Since then the signal has directed me to build large straw domes under ground near water while bringing large amounts of clay pottery to the underground shelter.

I thought SETI was really cool to watch and would spend hours just waiting for a signal to appear.
I've been running SETI@home on my computers/devices since its beginning and doing my bit to help find that elusive technosignature, knowing it -- along with all the SETI initiatives up to now (see ) has only sifted through the equivalent of a bathtub of this cosmic ocean, with only one certitude: we won't find those technosignals if we're not looking for them.

And until quantum computers & IA can take over the job more efficiently, I'll keep doing my bit: because (like so many of us, Earthlings) I'd like to know wether we're alone or not (both being vertiginous and/or terrifying possibilities, depending on your milage).