Skywatchers enjoy a night of surprise auroras as strongest solar storm in years hits Earth (photos)

Yep! A hundred to a thousand times the power of the 1859 "Carrington Event." Just lucky it occurred on the other side of the sun from us, or we would have been in a mess of a mass extinction event of our electronics, especially our computerized electronics, world-wide: Thus, the death of a good part of the world's population so dependent upon electronics for literally everything today; literally for life itself today. Symbiotic(!), if you will.

Yep, life needs to break out, expand out, from the Earth ASAP. Life needs to spread out into the Solar System in island space Arks of dozens to hundreds, to thousands, to millions of manmade space colonies and other facilitations, for its continuing survival and prosperity. Just the same as it broke out, expanded out, spread out, from an Earthly mudhole billions of years ago for the same reason. Just as life leaves the egg, the womb, for the same reason
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