SLS Be Gone

Mar 17, 2020
space1946 wrote:

"The SLS represents "proven" technology. It also represents pork barrel politics for the congreesmen where boeing, lockheed, and other large companies provide jobs for voters.
Elon Musk's starship is speculation at this point. If it works it should be potentially cheaper than SLS, but it does not exist.
Maintaining the SLS is probably a political necessity. If the SLS is cancelled, likely the entire project would be cancelled. "

This reply is completely flawed. SLS still has not had a maiden flight. Pork barrel politics doesn't mean a program is valid - its just giving money to support greedy congressmen's local yokels for something.

Elon Musk hardly speculates. Who else can land launched rockets anywhere is the world let alone multiple times on land and sea.
Starship is cheaper exponentially (a thousand fold) than SLS. It has been tested many times with new iterations ready to fly constantly. If SLS is cancelled, there will be less politics and more commercial competition which part of this new American (space) industrial revolution.
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