Solar eclipse sights might vary on the edge of totality: report

Apr 18, 2020
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"variations in the local terrain might change if you see a total eclipse, or how long the eclipse is experienced"

Sorry, but this is gibberish. If you guys can't afford to employ an editor, maybe you could at least have the writers check on each other's work?
"variations in the local terrain might change if you see a total eclipse..."

The calculations for where the edge of the eclipse is assume a billard ball shaped Earth. Your elevation above or below that mean sphere alters the location of that line. A few thousand feet of elevation might shift the line a few hundred feet. Also, mountains on the Moon move the terminator according to how high they are. The line can defy prediction by hundreds or thousands of feet.
I was gona hang a pin hole sheet on the back porch. But they say it's gona be cloudy here in Roanoke. So no sheet hanging. I have experience tree shade before, but my tree hasn't leafed yet. But I have a pine tree. If it clears a bit, I want to see what a pine leaf eclipse looks like.

We have a hex on us. We have plenty of sunshine but when a skyward event occurs.....we get clouds, day or night. Worse place in the world for a star/sun gazer. Haven't seen anything up there since 2001.
I feel yolur pain Bro. I lived near Scranton, PA for 8 years back in the 70's. We were under the jet stream, a few hundred miles east of the Great Lakes, on a 1,000 foot elevation rise. We could easily go two weeks without a speck of blue sky. Comet West came and went without one single clear night.
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