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([+300,000kps |0| -300,000kps]) // (+/-)300,000kps.
(+) future . . . unobservable // (-) past . . . observable.
The negative side, the 'history' side, is the only observable dimension of two dimensions of 'c' and/or 'time'. A 'light second' is negative 'second' (-), not positive 'second' (+). The distance of 14-billion light years -- observed -- is time negative (-) (past), not time positive (+) (future) 14-billions years -- unobserved. ** Notice ** Observer's rest frame = |0| **.

Einstein's four coordinate dimensions (x, y, z, t) have a severe problem as they describe the cube and not the three diametric dimensions of a sphere through a common 0-point center (the fourth dimension), nor the six radii dimensions (from a common 0-point central point, the seventh dimension) of a sphere . . . or whatever. If one notices, all told, eleven dimensions of spacetime, not four. Not in mathematics, but in physics, the 0-point (portal) is graviton singularity, and so is the warp-bubble-spatial cubic singularity of spacetime.

The farther away into the past, the more "relative time" (though not its opposing "absolute time" (T= 0|1 (unity)) slows toward the fixed constant Horizon of the universe. Thus, super-symmetrically (so I like it) the farther away into the future toward exactly the same fixed constant Horizon, the more "relative time" will slow (though, again, not its opposed "absolute time" (T = 0|1 (unity)). Does it slow to a stop at the Horizon? No! It merges into the Horizon of all time, Hawking's clock of his "Grand Central Station" of universe, not stops! The PBB(B)H (cc (/\)) ([ past (future) | future (past)]) Horizon: 0-point (portal) / graviton singularity (closing / opening) (contraction / expansion) (<< gravitational pull of infinite set (G = 0|1 (unity) (unobserved) | << gravitational push to same infinite set (G = 0|1 (unity) (observed mass energy)).

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The more I think about it the more I realize the picture described of "quantum entanglement" can't be real or can't be complete. Where are the quantum entangled, quantum entangling, "spooky action at a distance" mirror partners, the positrons and the anti-protons? This is the reality of quantum entanglement. These are the reals of quantum entanglement. Positive energy matter (+/-) || Negative energy anti-matter (-/+). The mirror [separate-but-equal] partnership and partnerships.

(+)300,000kps (unobservable) (future)
(-)300,000kps (observable) (past)
And we sit at '0' between horizons . . . Or do we?
We are on both sides of the Horizon of the speed of light 'c', all at once, thus inescapably inside of the Horizon of the speed of light 'c'.


It's hard to get away from that 0-point (portal) graviton singularity that strings out, squares, cubes.... in dimensionality, that transformative cloud-ghost . . . and that constant of 'c' that we know powers in dimensionality c^1, c^2, c^3.... ('c', 'c' square, 'c' cubed....).


Space is the flex-warp-bubble.

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