Space debris: More storm clouds ahead in orbit, experts say

Jul 10, 2020
"Russia now admittedly carried out a direct-ascent anti-satellite missile mission that took out its own spacecraft, reducing to rubble Cosmos 1408"

The Russian government originally came out and lied their butts off about this, just like they usually do.

They should be sued for all the expense this is going to cause for other countries. At the very least, they should figure out a way to go up and clean up their mess.

What if the ISS gets hit and, gods forbid, someone dies? Russia would be responsible for that death.

Exactly how stupid does someone have to be to do something so obviously dumb? Likely some Russian general who thinks he knows better than scientists.

Sometimes I have a hard time believing the people who put this stuff up in space, land on the moon and send probes to other planets are the same species as the people who do stupid things like this.



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