Space Genetic Mutations

Related to Today's news on 14 Shuttle Astronauts DNA mutations

I proposed to NASA a study for the International Space Station in 1998 for 10 years of Rodents reproduction in space and earth with exchanges to determine which genes are more susceptible for mutation in space with a target for space adaptability.
Today's news from 14 astronauts is obviously related to that objective but is a direct effect on humans instead of starting with other mammals which were chosen to get 60 generations data over 10 years of exchanges on the space station.
That study was found acceptable except for funding constraints then.
Such a study still has merits and maybe the healthcare industry will fund it on private space missions and stations.
(Dr. Ravi Sharma, Ph.D. USA)
Chair, Ontology Summit 2022
Senior Enterprise Architect
Particle and Space Physicist
Recipient NASA Apollo Achievement Award 1969.