Space lover urges to go to Moon

Recently, the Snow Moon occurred and before that the Wolf Moon. Watching both when they rose in early evening enhanced by perspective and binoculars was a unearthly experience. One can easily imagine what it would be like to reverse the visual, but the moon is barren, cold, lifeless and lacks the charm of Earth's night environment. I hope you achieve your dream. In the interim, I wholeheartedly recommend observing the full moon at its initial rise.
Mar 5, 2021
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Wondering why we aren't already there, thanks to no interest since Apollo and politics. We could have been there done and got the tee shirt, if they'd keep the program alive. But now the interest is on again?
Their talking exploring again, great if another nation don't beat us!! Space race all over again we did it once. We need to do more permanently

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