Spacewalk - Alexey Leonov - VOSKHOD 2

Jul 1, 2024
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I came across some nice footage from first spacewalk of Alexey Leonov (
I tried to find source for these videos and it seems like they were first seen by the world in this short documentary? ( )
From description on russian website (
"The film is about the flight of astronauts P. AND. Belyaeva and A. AND. Leonova on the ship "Sunrise-2" March 18, 1965. The film includes documentary footage of
a person’s release into space, shot by a crew of a spaceship, as well as live television shots from space and newsreels. The take-off of a spaceship. Cosmonauts in
the cockpit of the ship. AND. Leonov in outer space. Landscapes of planet Earth (shot from space). The landing site of the astronauts in the area of Perm. Cosmonauts
with those who meet talk around the fire, go skiing through the forest. Forest landscape."

So my questions basically are:
Is all of the footage in youtube video I linked real?
Is all footage shown in the documentary real?
Is this short documentary how they officially released this footage?
What other early official source with footage from this spacewalk is there?
Are attached photographs real?
And finally is there a website with all catalogued official footage/photographs from space, maybe even on a nice timeline?



"Attached" Photos:
For the video, the original source was real, but the video you link to is modified by software to stabilize and fix it. They had two film motion cameras recording, Leonov also had a stills camera but was unable to use it .

The first photograph is not a photograph but a promotional picture (composite of photograph onto different background) from Factory 53/ Zvezda, the company that made the Berkut space suit, and it is often used elsewhere, and can be found in the museum and their website. As such, your picture is a photograph of the picture, as you can see reflections in it, and the original picture does not crop the foot. The photograph of the suit itself was not from the EVA.

The second is either a modified screen capture from an open frame source of the original EVA film, or multiple screen captures from the film put together to make a larger complete picture, (as in, that particular position, neither all of Leonov's head or his right hand is in the frame at the same time), and then composited on a different background (black lines around thighs). There is also sharpening on the main part, but less so on the added parts, and shadow density varies.

There are many different archives, some you have to pay for, so unable to advise.
Jul 1, 2024
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Thanks so much for comprehensive answer!

If you would be so kind I have few more questions

What channels did they use to release this footage? Was I correct in assuming the official channel for releasing this footage was documentary I mentioned, or was it also released separately ?

Also, do you know about a free website with catalogue/timeline that would include all officially released footage/photos of early space travel from first picture taken in space? I find it hard to believe no one has done this yet.

Thank you,

During the Soviet era, it would be news agencies like TASS.

Documentaries like the ones you saw would be broadcast through state channels.
Many of them, including the ones you saw about Voskhod-2, were made by the Центральная студия документальных фильмов, ЦСДФ or CDSF which was originally founded in 1927. It was the largest Soviet newsreel and documentary cinematography studio.

You are already looking at the sites that I would have suggested to you.

The only free archive I am aware of is from NASA, currently they run three sites that may be of interest: , ,

Of course it is mostly of the US space program.

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